My name is Andrea Sadgrove. I am an avid collector of fabrics, and try to turn some of them into items that can be worn by others, including my 3 kids. However, I am sometimes perfectly happy to open my fabric cupboard and stare at all the wonderful colours, some of which are at the top of my blog!

In the spring of this year I started a new line of simple peasant dresses and tops for girls from 2-8 years old. My daughter loves to model them for me, but I have difficulty getting the dresses off her afterwards! The dresses are very comfortable, and made of fun and fanciful fabrics. I have recently started to make dresses out of recycled bedding as I love the idea of repurposing and giving new life to something that is no longer wanted, but is still in good condition. I find it exciting to transform one thing into another, and it helps me to teach my children a lesson in treading lightly on our planet.

Recently I added another line, spring and summer totes, some of which are made from recycled pillowcases.

The majority of my items are one of a kind, with the exception of some of my summer dresses, where there may be one or two of the same fabric, but probably not the same size. In terms of the bags, they are generally one of a kind, as my fabric stock is limited by what is available at my local thrift stores!

I sell my items on Etsy, and I have started selling at craft shows. I hope to get a stall at our local farmers market next year and will be going to some more craft shows in the future.

Our house is often pretty messy, and I sew in one corner of our basement, amongst piles of fabric and baskets of scraps that I can’t throw out because I know there will be something I can make from them someday!

This blog is intended to be a space for me to write about my sewing, show you some of the things I’ve made, and tell you about life juggling sewing, selling and my 3 children; “guy”, “boy” and “ironman” (who is a girl).